Report: No Decision on Space Policy Yet by Obama

Ares I-X lifts off from the Cape.
Ares I-X lifts off from the Cape.

Report that Obama decided on space policy may be premature
Orlando Sentinel

A report by a respected science publication that said President Barack Obama has decided on a new space policy for NASA may be premature, according to Write Stuff sources.

The report, which was posted Thursday night on the “Science Insider” blog at the web site of the journal Science, quoted unnamed sources saying that in a meeting on Wednesday with NASA chief Charlie Bolden, the president decided to add an extra $1 billion to NASA’s budget.

According to the report, the money would go toward developing a simple heavy launch vehicle to ferry astronauts beyond low Earth orbit. It would also bolster the agency’s fleet of robotic Earth-monitoring spacecraft. It said Obama would ask international partners to start work on “a lunar lander and modules for a moon base, saving the U.S. several billion dollars.”…

However, nobody inside the White House or NASA would confirm that Obama has made a final call on space policy yet, though there has been a preference among many administration officials to get rid of Ares I, fund a new heavy launch vehicle and increase the involvement of commercial space companies and international partners.

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