NASA’s Path? Wait Until February

Altair on the moon
Altair on the moon

Looks like there was not any real news generated by today’s meeting between President Barack Obama and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden at the White House. Space News reported via Twitter:

A senior NASA official reiterated today that the WH intends to wait until the February budget rollout to unveil new plan.

In lieu of an actual plan, the White House reaffirmed the President’s commitment to do something in space, Florida Today reports:

“The President confirmed his commitment to human space exploration, and the goal of ensuring that the nation is on a sustainable path to achieving our aspirations in space,” said White House spokesman Nicholas Shapiro.

“Against a backdrop of serious challenges with the existing program, the Augustine Committee has offered several key findings and a range of options for how the nation might improve its future human space flight activities,” Shapiro said. “The two spoke about the Administrator’s work at NASA and they also discussed the Augustine Committee’s analysis.”