Blue Origin Moves Forward

blue_originBezos’ space flight project Blue Origin shows signs of life

Blue Origin recently selected three scientific projects — from Purdue University, the University of Central Florida and Louisiana University — for future test flights, though it didn’t specify when the flights would take place. The company will likely respond to a Dec. 4 NASA request for suborbital space flight companies interested in working with the agency on research programs, said Alan Stern, a planetary scientist and former NASA official now consulting for Blue Origin.

“If NASA is soliciting, I expect we would be interested in responding to that solicitation,” Stern said. He added that the company could also potentially partner on research with the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, U.S. Geological Survey and other agencies.

“This is going to be much broader than just NASA,” Stern said.

The Blue Origin-inspired bills on liability for space flight companies didn’t pass in Texas this year, and the next state legislative session isn’t until Jan. 2011.

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