U.S. Satellite Export Control Reform Advancing in Congress

AIA Presses Obama on Export-Control Reform
Space News

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is expected to introduce legislation this month that could lead to a House-Senate conference next year in what lawmakers consider language-easing restrictions on U.S. commercial communications satellite exports.

In June, the House passed legislation in the Foreign Relations Authorization Act for 2010 and 2011 that would give the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama authority to remove commercial satellites from the State Department’s Munitions List. Until now, the bill has awaited consideration by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, though congressional and industry sources say the panel hopes to take up companion legislation before year’s end.

“We see this as a move toward reasonableness that I think is a very encouraging sign about the way Congress is approaching this,” Marion Blakey, president of the Arlington, Va.-based Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), said of the House legislation during a Dec. 3 conference call with reporters. “It’s being considered on the Senate side as well.”

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