Russian Angara Launch Delayed Due to Funding Shortfall


Russia could delay maiden launch of Angara rocket
RIA Novosti

The maiden launch of Russia’s new Angara carrier rocket could be postponed for at least one year due to shortage of funds from the Defense Ministry, the top Russian space official said Wednesday.

The Angara rocket, currently under development by the Khrunichev center, is designed to put heavy payloads into orbit. The launch facilities were expected to be finished by 2010, and the first launch had been originally scheduled for 2011.

“There is a serious delay in the construction of launch facilities [for Angara] due to the shortage of financing from the Defense Ministry. We are doing everything we can on our part,” said Anatoly Perminov, the head of the Federal Space Agency Roscosmos.

The new line of Angara rockets will complement, and eventually replace, the existing line of Rockot and Proton launch vehicles. It will be available in a range of configurations capable of lifting between two and 24.5 metric tons into low-earth orbit, and its creators say it will have a low environment impact.

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