Train Like an Astronaut for Only $31K



Sarasota, FL, November 11, 2009 — You no longer have to be an astronaut to train for space at one of NASA’s premier space facilities. Incredible Adventures is teaming up with Starfighters Aerospace to offer a four day commercial space flight training program at NASA’s John F Kennedy Space Center, near Orlando, Florida. Flight Training is open to anyone who meets basic age, health and security clearance requirements.

Participants will train for space in the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, the same jet used to prepare Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Astronauts for space travel. The four-day program offered by Incredible Adventures and Starfighters Aerospace is designed to prepare participants for the physical and emotional demands of a suborbital flight.

Two days of intense academic instruction and safety briefings prepare and qualify participants for a high-speed training flight in the Starfighter on day three. The flight profile simulates a journey to astronaut altitude and includes a vertical climb and maneuvers replicating the g-forces and weightlessness of space travel. The program concludes with a VIP tour of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

In October, Starfighters, Inc. signed a historic Space Act Agreement with NASA, granting the Florida-based company permission to use NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility for commercial flight operations. The agreement gives Starfighters Aerospace access to one of the largest runways in the world and the right to use special, restricted airspace for its flight training operations.

Incredible Adventures, another Florida-based company, has been selected to oversee sales and marketing of the new space flight training programs. Incredible Adventures has been selling air and space adventures since 1993 and is best known for sending its customers to the edge of space in Russian MiGs. The company was the first to offer commercial zero-gravity flights and hands-on space training through the Russian Space Agency. Now, through its relationship with the Starfighters Aerospace, Incredible Adventures becomes the first to offer space flight training featuring an American fighter jet.

The basic cost of the four-day training program at Kennedy Space Center is $30,500 and includes security clearance, academic instruction, use of training equipment and one training flight in the F-104 Starfighter captured on high-definition video. More advanced space flight training, including an additional F-104 training flight, is $48,750.

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