United Space Alliance Freezes Pay

Space Shuttle Atlantis launch, May 11, 2009

Live At KSC: USA Announces Freeze On Raises
Florida Today

NASA’s prime shuttle fleet operator is freezing merit raises for all 8,903 employees in 2010, a move being made to protect current jobs and increase the company’s ability to win new business as its largest contract is winding toward an end.

United Space Alliance, which also operates the International Space Station, holds two other contracts and aims to compete for the ground operations contract for NASA’s Project Constellation as well as other space operations business.

Jeffrey Carr, director of communications for United Space Alliance, said the freeze will bring the company closer to the industry average for the two years spanning 2009 and 2010. Carr said employees received an average raise of four percent in February. He said the industry average is 1.9 percent.

“This is sort of adjustment based on market conditions,” said Carr.

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