Regolith Excavation Challenge – Another Team Qualifies


A second team, Paul’s Robotics of Worcester, Mass., has qualified for prize money in the Regolith Excavation Challenge. The team from Worchester Polytechnic Institute excavated 439 kilograms of simulated soil, which puts it in the lead for a $500,000 cash prize from NASA. The second place team will received $150,000, with $100,000 going to the third place team.

There was some controversy over whether the robot had excavated soil outside the assigned area; however, the judges looked at the markings in the test bed and confirmed that there was no problem with the effort.

The results thus far:


Paul’s Robotics: 439 kilograms – Worcester, Mass
Braundo Rancho: 263.75 kilograms – Palo Verdes, California

Excavated Soil – Not Qualified

Technology Ranch – 26.45 kilograms – Arroyo Grande, California
Laurentian Rock: .4 kilograms – Glendale, California

Excavated No Soil

Auric Design – Orlando, Florida
C2 Robotics – San Luis Obispo, California
Colorado School of Mines – Golden, Colorado
Innovation Island – Southwest Harbor, Maine
Invading Huns – Palm Bay, Florida
Lunar Arc – Irvine, California
Next Step Robotics – Houston, TX
Sandstorm – North Royalton, Ohio
Top Hat Robotics West – Lafayette, Indiana
UBC TREAD Robotics – Vancouver, BC


Moon Diggers A – San Francisco, California