Paul’s Robotics Leads Regolith Challenge with 4 Teams Remaining

Paul’s Robotics remains in the lead for $500,000 in cash in the Regolith Excavation Challenge with four teams remaining to compete. The two qualifying teams thus far:

Paul’s Robotics (Worcester, Massachusetts) – 439 kilograms
Braundo Rancho (Palos Verdes, California) – 263.75 kilograms

Teams must excavate at least 150 kilograms of simulated soil. The first prize team will receive $500,000, with $150,000 and $100,000 prizes going to the second and third place teams, respectively. Thirteen other teams have competed, but none has collected the required 150 kilograms of regolith to quality for the awards.

Four teams remain to compete:

E-REX (Little Rock, Arkansas)
Green Cheese Solutions (Hudson, Wisconsin)
Terra Engineering (Gardena, California)
Moon Diggers B (San Francisco, California)

Judges had originally disqualified Moon Diggers B on Saturday but reversed their decision today. Moon Diggers A had blown a motherboard, and a team member came out to the impound area to scavenge one from the Moon Diggers B rover. This violated contest rules.

However, judges reversed themselves today after deciding it would be unfair to penalize the Moon Diggers B team. The two teams share some membersbut not all of them.