ATK Lays Off 550 Employees in Utah


ATK lays off 550 Utah employees
The Salt Lake Tribune

ATK laid off 550 of its employees, including 400 at its nearby plant. The pink slips didn’t come as a surprise — the company had announced in July layoffs were coming — but they were painful nonetheless.

“I’ve noticed the impact for awhile now because the word has been out about layoffs coming up,” said Tom Greer, who owns and operates Greer’s Do It Best Hardware on Tremonton’s Main Street. “If I didn’t know I would have a job in a couple of months, I’d be saving my money and spending less, too.”

In another sense, though, it may be months before the real impact of the loss of 550 good-paying jobs at ATK is finally felt throughout the northern Utah economy.

The reason is that the maker of solid-fuel rocket booster motors is providing the affected employees with severance packages that include up to 26 weeks of separation pay based on years of service.

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