Khrunichev Completes Second Angara Engine Test


On  1 October another test firing of the Universal Rocket Module (URM)-1 for Russia’s  Angara family of launch vehicles – currently under development – took place at the Rocket & Space Industry Research & Testing Center near Moscow.

The URM-1 test article was fired at a specially built test stand, the largest in Europe, to verify the engine performance at its maximum power level. The test, which lasted 203.4 seconds, was the second in a series of firing tests planned for the URM-1.

The first test was successfully conducted at this site on 30 July 2009. The next step in the development program will involve testing at maximum operating pressure a pneumatic and hydraulic system that supplies fuel to the engine.

The Khrunichev Space Center is the prime contractor for the Angara Space Rocket Complex and is responsible for its design, development and testing. The Angara family consists of small, medium and heavy lift boosters.

The development of the Angara family of boosters is a task of national importance. Angara’s performance characteristics are expected to compete successfully with the world’s best launcher systems.