Obama Administration Asks Congress to Restore Nearly $700 Million to Human Spaceflight

Model of NASA's Orion spacecraft
Model of NASA's Orion spacecraft

White House Seeks to Restore Human Spaceflight Funding
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The White House has asked congressional appropriators to restore $670 million cut from NASA’s nearly $4 billion budget request for human space exploration in a version of the 2010 Commerce, Justice, Science appropriations bill the House passed in June, according to congressional and administration sources.

In a September letter to leaders of the House and Senate appropriations commerce, justice, science subcommittees, White House science adviser John Holdren asked that the funding be restored in anticipation of a forthcoming presidential decision on NASA’s manned spaceflight future, according to congressional sources.

In addition, the White House asked Senate appropriators to stay flexible as the president awaits the findings of a 10-member panel tasked in May to reassess NASA’s post-space shuttle space exploration plans, congressional and administration sources said.  The White House-appointed panel, led by former Lockheed Martin chief Norm Augustine, sent the White House and NASA a summary report Sept. 8 that laid out several alternatives to NASA’s current Moon-focused Constellation program. The full report is not expected to be released until mid-October, NASA’s spokesman for the panel, Robert “Doc” Mirelson, said Oct. 2.

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