Canadian Students to Send Light Message to Thirsk on ISS

Canadian Astronaut Bob Thirsk
Canadian Astronaut Bob Thirsk

Earth to space station: Howdy partner!
CBC News

Hundreds of students will point high-powered LED lights skyward from a small airstrip south of Calgary to send a secret message to the International Space Station that’s orbiting Earth on Saturday night.

The students will have about six minutes to send their orchestrated message as the International Space Station darts across the night sky more than 300 kilometres above the Earth. That’s how long it takes for the orbiting spacecraft to travel from horizon to horizon.

One of the astronauts on board is Canadian Robert Thirsk, who is working on the orbiting station for six months. The message will be sent from an acreage that belongs to Soren Christiansen, Thirsk’s friend and former University of Calgary engineering classmate.

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