Space Tourist Laliberte’s Backup Barrett Runs Exclusive Montana Lodge


An interesting story about what Barbara Barrett does when she isn’t in a Star City simulator training as space tourist Guy Laliberte’s backup . The former ambassador to Finland and her husband, former Intel CEO and chairman Craig Barrett, run the exclusive Triple Creek Ranch, a high-end, all-inclusive lodge in Darby, Mont.

CNN interviewed Craig Barrett for a story:

After revolutionizing the chip industry and helping the world speed up, Barrett has decided to focus on getting people to slow down. On May 20, the date he stepped down as Intel’s chairman, Barrett, 70, gained a new title: innkeeper at his Triple Creek Ranch, a high-end, all-inclusive lodge in Darby, Mont., that he has owned since 1993.

“I’ve always been a work hard, play hard advocate,” says Barrett. “It’s a place to leave the other side behind for a while.”

For Barrett, the transition from technology executive has been easier than you might think: He and his wife, Barbara, a former U.S. ambassador to Finland who is now training to be a space tourist (yes, really!), are outdoor types.

Barbara grew up on a farm, and Craig actually intended to be a forest ranger before realizing that Stanford University didn’t offer a degree in forestry, so he opted instead for a Ph.D. in materials science.

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