Starchaser Completes Phase 2 of Hybrid Rocket Testing

Starchaser hybrid rocket engine test
Starchaser hybrid rocket engine test

19 August 2009

Phase two testing on our Eco-Friendly hybrid rocket engine project has been completed. The “large” engine has performed flawlessly over two campaigns of 12 tests where the full thrust of 1000 kgf has been exceeded. The nominal burn time for each test was 8 seconds. Fuels tested were:

  1. High Density Polythene HDPE (white)
  2. High Density Polythene HDPE (black)
  3. Polypropylene
  4. Acrylic / Perspex
  5. HTPB / Recycled Car Tyre mix (30%)
  6. HTPB / Aluminium mix (10%)
  7. HTPB (original fuel for comparison)
  8. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polythene (UHMWPE)

Exhaust gasses from all the above have been captured and transferred to an independent laboratory for analysis.

  • BusterHymen

    Where are the mach diamonds ??? If there are no mach diamonds the motor is not running at full efficiency so keep tuning the thing !!!
    I will give you a key tip that will save you years of development. Make the motor shorter in length !!!