Talis Enterprise to Conduct Jet Flight Testing in November

September 4, 2009
(Translated from original German by Google Translate)

Talis Enterprise jet flight testing in November in Peenemünde

The company will conduct its first tests in November at the Peenemünde airport using a Czech L-39. First and foremost, these flights are used to test the suitability of the jets for scientific ZeroG flight. The first test flights are under observation of the chief engineers of the Talis Enterprise and the research team Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ullrich and Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Engelmann.

During the test, the management of Talis Enterprise will hold a press conference and inform about the current status of the project, particularly for scientific use. Interested press are asked to register in advance.

To round out this important day, those present will be cared for by the culinary director and partner of Talis Enterprise, Gerd Käfer.
The ladies and gentlemen present will have an opportunity to first scale-model of BlackSky the scale of 1:3 shall inspect them. Furthermore,  the Maybach, the fastest car in the world, will be on site.

The specific date is at present not define precisely, but will be announced within the next three weeks.

Note: Unfortunately this is not a public event and accessible only to invited audience.