Millionaut Garriott Investing in Commercial Space, Vows to Fly Again

Richard Garriott
Richard Garriott

The Examiner has a lengthy Q&A interview with millionaut space tourist Richard Garriott. Some key excerpts:

Yes, $30 million is about right. The brash answer is I earned this money the old fashioned way, with hard work and elbow grease building successful businesses, and I can spend it how I want. But the more relevant answer goes back to the prior question: this wasn’t just an expensive lark.

It was an investment in a new and exciting field of private enterprise with the potential to transform our world, one I am completely committed to and lucky enough to be intimately involved with.

Think about it this way: I made several million dollars off my 30 million dollar flight. If we can get that cost down to the single digit millions, that’s where it starts to become profitable for private companies and research organizations to buy space time. I could [go] on for hours about what that might mean in terms of advancing our knowledge, making enormous fortunes for anyone willing to shoulder the risk, and how the whole world, the whole solar system, will be richer for it.

Not only would I do it again, I am going to do it again. This is what I do. I and several other high technology business people are investing big in commercial space, establishing incentives for engineers and students to try their hand at coming up with better designs. We’re designing a new generation of rockets, labs, and planning the first permanent settlements in space and on the moon or Mars.

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Thanks to Clark Lindsey at Hobby Space for pointing out this interview.