Layoff Anxiety at the Cape as Shuttle Winds Down

Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center

Posey finds KSC workers “fearful” in closed door meeting
Orlando Sentinel

Congressman Bill Posey (R- Rockledge), fresh from his health care town hall gathering in Melbourne on Wednesday, made a quick visit to Kennedy Space Center on Thursday for a closed-door meeting with dozens of anxious workers facing layoffs next year when the space shuttle is mothballed.

“Lots of people are fearful,” Posey said in a telephone interview after the meeting that NASA closed to reporters. “As you can imagine, there are lots of people with mortgages and kids and college to pay for.”

There are only six shuttle flights left before the orbiter fleet becomes museum pieces. According to Brevard County officials, as many as 7,000 workers could lose their jobs when NASA retires the shuttle sometime between October 2010 and March 2011. The first 240 layoffs will take place next month.

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