The Space Review Looks at Apollo, Space Elevators


In The Space Review this week….

Coping with the closing
Space enthusiasts have coped with the relative lack of progress in the four decades since humans first walked on the Moon in varying ways. John Hickman describes these various approaches and how they can pose obstacles to the future.

Still on the ground floor

Jeff Foust reports on a recent conference where the space elevator community took stock of the current situation and made plans to forge ahead.

PAN’s labyrinth
An Atlas 5 is scheduled to launch next month a mysterious satellite identified only as PAN. Dwayne Day sheds a little more light on this spacecraft and its possible mission.

Review: The New Solar System

Hundreds of books have been published about the solar system, making it difficult for new ones to stand out. Jeff Foust reviews one that succeeds at standing out thanks to updated material and good design.