Andrews Space: Thinking Outside the (Small) Box


Space-vehicle design firm Andrews Space focuses on smaller products
Puget Sound Business Journal

A small Seattle designer of innovative outer space vehicles is staying competitive by thinking smaller, and by adapting itself to the increased emphasis on science research brought in by the Obama administration.

Founded in 1999, Andrews Space Inc. has become a leader in developing innovative concepts for outer space exploration for such agencies as NASA and the Department of Defense. It has designed a two-stage launch vehicle that would gather oxygen for the second stage in the upper atmosphere; an unmanned “space tug” to supply the International Space Station; and a concept for a launch vehicle to take astronauts to Mars.

“They’re known as being outside-of-the-box thinkers, innovative, small and responsive,” said Brian Berger, deputy editor of Space News magazine, in Springfield, Va. “They’re an idea shop that has produced some worthwhile technology.”

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