Augustine’s Chairmanship of Review Commission Highly Ironic

normaugustineAugustine’s Laws
by Jeffrey Manber

Aviation Week

To find some guidance on what Augustine may well be thinking, I pulled from my bookshelf the 1982 classic “Augustine Law’s,” written by none other than the former chairman of Lockheed Martin, and the consummate federal tea-reader Norm Augustine. The same Augustine now heading up the blue-ribbon U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee.

Turns out there is a whole chapter on the value of commissions in his book. Here’s the first sentence: “It has long been recognized that the formation of a committee is a powerful technique for avoiding responsibility, deferring difficult decisions and averting blame….while at the same time maintaining a semblance of action.”

And its downhill from there.

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  • Alan Kruppa

    For some reason the full story link isn’t working. Couldn’t agree more with the statement about committees.