Angara Rocket Engine Test Successful

Angara rocket engine test
Angara rocket engine test


On 30 July 2009 the Universal Rocket Module URM-1 for the prospective Angara family of launch vehicles was successfully fire-tested at the Rocket & Space Industry Research & Testing Center near Moscow.

Fire-testing is a mandatory phase of ground-based development cycle for any similar space industry articles.

The objective is to conduct comprehensive checkouts of URM-1 in order to validate its functionality and expected performance as Angara’s 1st Stage and check out the algorithm and timeline for ground processing of flight launch vehicles.

URM-1 fire tests on the IS-102 Test Bed were the culmination of lengthy previous efforts which including:

  • developmental bench-testing of full-size LV mockups, and
  • setting up the IS-102 Test Bed and its joint testing with URM-1 during which so-called cold bench-testing was performed.

On 29 April 2009 the facility hosted Cycle 1 of URM-1 cold tests whereby the oxidizer tank was filled with about 100MT of LOX. They include comprehensive tests of the (i) pneumatic and hydraulic system (PHS) which supplies fuel to the engine, and (ii) PHS control algorithms using full-scale fuel cryogenic component (LOX).

On 18 June 2009 Cycle 2 tests were held using both propellant components. At that point the fuel-supply PHS was comprehensively bench-tested for functionality in the conditions of propellant and oxidizer being supplied under pressure into the respective tanks. The objective was to verify reliability and safety in the run-up to fire-testing and obtain experimental data to validate the system’s design characteristics.

The Khrunichev Space Center is the prime contractor for the Angara Space Rocket Complex and is responsible for its design, development and testing. The Angara family will boast the small-, medium- and heavy-lift boosters.

The development of the Angara family of boosters is a task of national importance. Angara’s performance characteristics are expected to compete successfully with the world’s best launcher systems.