Space Elevator Games Postponed Indefinitely By Technical Problems



The Space Elevator Power Beaming Challenge Games originally scheduled for this summer at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center have been postponed. The Spaceward Foundation conducts this prize competition as part of NASA’s Centennial Challenge Program. The challenge this year requires teams to demonstrate devices that can climb a one-kilometer vertical cable using electrical power transmitted via a laser.

The plan is to suspend the vertical cable under a helicopter, which requires some unique ground and flight operations. Several tests were conducted to verify this approach prior to the competition. During testing of the helicopter and cable system this week, technical problems were encountered that will require further analysis and additional testing before the competition can be held. The challenge will be rescheduled when the Spaceward Foundation and NASA are confident that these problems have been resolved.

During this week, several of the teams were able to successfully complete the qualification of their laser tracking systems, raising expectations for a very competitive field for this competition.