First Man on Moon Disses First Female Speaker of the House

Roll Call reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was turned down from an autograph by Neil Armstrong on Tuesday in Washington:

“I’m sorry, I don’t do that anymore,” Armstrong informed the autograph-seeker.

Turns out, Pelosi shouldn’t take his put-down personally. Armstrong reportedly refuses all autograph requests, no matter how powerful the person asking. He stopped giving out his John Hancock years ago, news reports say, fearing forgeries and concerned about those making large amounts of money from autographed items.

In fact, Pelosi took getting turned down in stride, spokesman Brendan Daly says. “The Speaker would go to the moon and back to try to get what her grandson asked for,” he tells HOH. “But he learned a valuable lesson: You can’t always get what you want.”

Way to go, Neil. Just when NASA needs help the most, you diss one of the few people who could provide it. What have you got, regolith for brains?

A classy response from Pelosi, though.

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