The Space Review: Apollo 11 Anniversary Edition


Today in The Space Review….

Apollo’s greatest achievement
Alan Stern says it’s the inspiration it provided to a generation of Americans, some of whom are now turning their attention to the commercial development of space.

Why are we celebrating the great Moon hoax?
Apollo is still thought by many as the first small step in the human exploration of the universe. That belief, argues Michael Potter, is the real “hoax” of the Apollo program as those journeys were more of a dead end than a giant leap.

Apollo: The Race to the Moon, twenty years on
Thomas J. Frieling interviews the authors of “Apollo: The Race to the Moon” to get their perspectives on the anniversary and the creation of the book.

Reviews: Remembering Apollo in ways old and new
The 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 has brought a new slate of books and other options for remembering and understanding that mission. Jeff Foust reviews several of these, from a book by an Apollo 11 astronaut to an iPhone game.

A square peg in a cone-shaped hole: The Samos E-5 recoverable satellite (part 2)
In the second of a three-part examination of an early reconnaissance satellite program, Dwayne Day recounts the unique technical challenges faced by the team developing the camera for the Samos E-5 spacecraft.

The new politics of planetary defense
A change in administrations had led to a change in how national security risks are assessed. Taylor Dinerman argues that planetary defense—protecting the Earth from potentially hazardous asteroids and comets—should play a role in those revised assessments.