Moon Landing Postponed to 2028?


Moon trip may wait until 2028
Florida Today

The Obama administration’s spending plan for NASA through 2020 would push back its current return-to-the-moon timetable to 2028, a senior NASA manager said Tuesday.

A presidential panel is asking NASA to identify human space exploration alternatives that would fit within a $71 billion budget through 2020 — $30 billion less than expected.

A less-powerful version of NASA’s heavy-lift Ares V rocket is an option. But it’s one of many being studied by the panel, which next month will offer a range of choices for administration consideration. NASA is prepared to pursue whatever course is charted.

“If we get new direction, we will salute and we will go implement that new direction to the best of our ability,” said Jeff Hanley, manager of NASA’s Project Constellation, which is developing Ares rockets and Orion spacecraft for a return to the moon in 2020.

Hanley believes NASA is on the right track and can deliver — if the agency receives the funding that had been expected.

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