Canadians: Send Your Photos and Videos to ISS Astronaut Bob Thirsk


The Canadian Space Agency is sponsoring a Share My Space program in which Canadians can send photos and videos to CSA astronaut Bob Thirsk aboard the International Space Station.

As he becomes a resident of the Space Station, Bob will be counting on you to keep him in touch with his beautiful home Country – Canada! Using your cameras, cell phones, webcams, and creativity, we invite you to introduce Bob to your favourite hang-out, drop a line, or have all your friends wish him luck on video. There are countless ways to show support for Bob throughout this mission! Think of all the magnificent vistas Canada has to offer that you could share with someone who lives in a remote and confined environment.

The best entries will become part of an ongoing digital scrapbook we will send up to the Space Station to help brighten Bob’s spirits and keep him in touch with home. Upload your photos and videos following the instructions below, and be sure to come back and check out what others have sent him.

In exchange, Bob will share with us pictures of his daily routine in his new home—ranging from views of the stars, getting a new hair cut, exercising on the treadmill, sharing a meal with crewmembers, and for sure, pictures of Canada from the unique vantage point of space.

So, if you want to share the beauty of your hometown and life in Canada as Bob shares the inspiring environment of space with us, send us your entries. Be part of this first Canadian expedition mission by showing your support. And come visit our web site regularly to see Bob’s newest postcards from space.

There are more details here.