British Version of NASA Possible

UK deserves more bang for its buck as minister hints at a British Nasa
The Scotsman

After decades in which successive British governments have considered human spaceflight an expensive distraction, the science minister, Lord Drayson yesterday refused to rule out the creation a British Nasa.

The government is now looking at re-organising its space policy, which, according to Lord Drayson, required a “much higher profile”. The 40th anniversary of the Moon landing in 1969 has sparked new interest in space travel among a new generation, he said.

Asked to rule out a dedicated space agency in the future, Lord Drayson said: “Well, we are looking at the way in which we are organised in managing space, getting better co-ordination across departments – so watch this space. We are going to look at whether or not we need to change the way we organise our space policy to address the valid criticisms of better co-ordination across departments.”

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