Hawaii Eyed for Point-to-Point Suborbital Travel

The Big Island of Hawaii
The Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii seeks to launch space tourism initiative
Associated Press

Space pioneers envision launching high-end Hawaii tourists from the sand to the stars, taking island-hopping to new heights.

Hawaii won’t win the race to become the first state with space tourism, but in a new twist, it probably will be the first place where travelers can use the planes for real transportation. Hawaii’s planes would take off in one place and land in another – from an airport on the Big Island to a landing on Oahu.

Within a decade, space travelers could island hop from Hawaii to Japan in 45 minutes. And promoters promise a unique perspective during the flight.

“Flying down the Hawaii island chain, it’s a completely different view of the planet than you’ll see when you launch from landlocked states,” said Chuck Lauer, vice president of business development for Oklahoma City-based Rocketplane Global. “It’s the blue planet view of the world.”

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