4Frontiers: Colonists on Mars by 2029


Company Wants Settlers on Mars
Associated Press

All companies set goals, but newly formed 4Frontiers is eyeing some expansive horizons. The company’s mission: to open a small human settlement on Mars within 20 years or so.

Sure, it may sound far-fetched. And the company’s initial plans are a lot more terrestrial than ethereal, like developing a 25,000-square-foot replica of a Mars settlement here on Earth, then charging tourists admission.

But the people behind the venture are quite serious — as serious as the $25 million they want to raise from investors.

CEO Mark Homnick, a former manager for Intel who has registered 4Frontiers in Florida, says he has already raised “a couple million” from people he won’t name. He hopes for an initial public offering within five years.

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  • Tim Chemacki

    This is a great Wired/AP article, but note that it was actually dated 2005.

    I’m really excited to see the progress that 4Frontiers will make. I like what they are trying to accomplish and they have some pretty audacious goals.

  • Thanks Tim. I didn’t notice the date. 🙁