Space Review: Constellation, Spaceport America and the Moon


New in The Space Review this week:

Launching a spaceport
Jeff Foust reports on the groundbreaking ceremonies at Spaceport America last week.

Gallery: WhiteKnightTwo Overflight of Las Cruces International Airport

Constellation and its challengers
Jeff Foust reviews last week’s Augustine panel public session, which was primarily an examination of NASA’s Constellation lunar program and several potential alternatives.

Why is it so hard to go back to the Moon?
Taylor Dinerman wonders just how it will be before the United States, or someone else, sends people back to the moon.

Gum in the Keyhole
A proposal for a new series of reconnaissance satellites that are only marginally different from an older series has generated opposition from one key member of Congress. Dwayne Day looks at what may be for the intelligence community another case of political theater.