EADS-Astrium to Test New Plasma Thruster

An interesting item from Bulletins-electroniques.com via the CNES website:

A new type of plasma thruster (helicon double layer) invented by a physicist from the Australian National University (ANU) some years ago will be tested in a prototype satellite to be launched into space over the next four years . This is the first propellant propellant of this type and it will be the first time a spacecraft will use this type of propellant.

The project funded by the European company EADS Astrium will be collaboration between the ANU, the University of Surrey and EADS-Astrium. The propellant will be based on the double layer thruster helicon (HDLT for Helicon Double Layer Thruster) developed at the ANU. The principle of propulsion based on the electrostatic acceleration of a plasma by an electrical double layer.