The Space Review: Augustine, NASA, Space Debris and the Ozone Layer

The Space Review looks at military space policy, the Augustine commission, space debris, NASA’s role in diplomacy, the impact of space tourism on the Earth’s ozone layer, and a documentary.

Space policy 101: military space 2009
 In the conclusion of a two-part article, Dwayne Day reports on a recent symposium that examined the current state of military space policy.
Monday, June 15, 2009

NASA and soft power, again
 Taylor Dinerman discusses how the US can further develop that soft power through enhanced international cooperation.

Space and (or versus) the environment
Jeff Foust discussed the effect of space tourism on the ozone layer. 

The gun pointed at the head of the universe
Dwayne Day reports on a recent Capitol Hill event that discussed solutions to the space debris problem. Monday

How to cut budgets and influence policy
s the Augustine committee begins work this week on its review of NASA’s human spaceflight plans, its analysis takes place in the shadow of both near-term and out-year budget cuts. Michael Huang wonders if this is part of a strategy that could imperil the future of human spaceflight at NASA overall.

Preview: Live from the Moon

Jeff Foust reviews an upcoming documentary that recounts the development of the cameras and other technologies needed to provide live television from the surface of the Moon.