VASIMR Rocket Undergoing Testing

Plasma engine is ready for final test on Earth
31 May 2009

Translated from Spanish (Google Translate)

In Houston, Texas, laboratory of the Ad Astra Rocket Company, led by Costa Rican astronaut and physicist Franklin Chang-Diaz is preparing for an exciting week.

The high vacuum chamber of the laboratory, ten meters long and four meters in diameter, is inside the VX-200: VASIMR the prototype of the engine propulsion plasma Chang outlined three decades ago to make space travel for faster and more cheaply, and hence to explore far away places in the solar system.

In the drawings, and the machine became a reality. Chang’s team is ready to make the final test after applying the physical principles under which the engine operates on less power and prototypes with some similar components, but not equal, the engine that can travel in space.

VX-200 waiting in the chamber, which now creates the conditions of outer space is an engine with all components needed VASIMR to fly in space.

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