Annual Mars Society Conference Set for Late July


The Twelfth International Mars Society Conference will be held from July 30 – August 2, 2009 at the University of Maryland, College Park. This will give participants to hear the latest news and research from Mars and to help advocate for sending humans to the Red Planet.

Confirmed List of Speakers

Dr. Jim Garvin
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Sciences and Exploration Directorate Chief Scientist

Dr. John Mather
NASA Senior Astrophysicist; Senior Project Scientist, James Webb Space Telescope; Nobel Prize winner

Dr. Steve Squyres
Cornell; Principal Investigator, Mars Exploration Rovers

Don Hassler
Principal Investigator, Radiation Assessment Detector on the Mars Science Laboratory

George Butler
Director – Roving Mars; Pumping Iron; Shackleton

Dr. Chris McKay
NASA Astrobiologist

Miles O’Brien
Formerly of CNN

Michael Carroll

Andrew Chaikin

Dr. Roger Launius
Chief Space Curator, Smithsonian Institute

Dr. Mario Livio
Space Telescope Science Institute

Bertram Ulrich
Curator, NASA Art

Dr. Lou Friedman
The Planetary Society

Dr. Larry Young

Joe Cassady

Dr. Robert Zubrin
President, The Mars Society

For more information, please visit the Mars Society website.