Suborbital HARRP Vehicle Could Give Military Real-Time Recon

Sat in on a presentation yesterday by Greg Meholic of the Aerospace Corporation, who discussed a proposed reusable, suborbital high-altitude reconnaissance vehicle. Greg Maholic
Aerospace Corporation

Project Name: High Altitude Reconnaissance Rocket Plane (HARRP)

Power: LOX/JP

An automated, reusable vehicle designed to provide real-time, look down reconnaissance to military forces in the field. It would fly to an altitude of 200-400 miles. HARRP could be operated by a crew of seven, with a turnaround time of several hours.

HARRP would be launched from the ground and returned to the same base. Another flight profile would be to drop it from an airplane, have the vehicle overfly an area, and be recovered by forces on the other side. The vehicle would have a range of about 950 nautical miles.

Current Status: Conceptual level; no detailed design at this point….