Summary: U.S. Government Dev Work on SBSP

SBSP Session Notes

Lt. Col. Paul Damphousse
Chief of Advanced Concepts
National Security Space Office

Overall Goal of SBSP Initiative

Generate 10% of military’s power via space by 2050


Muti-agency effort involving DOD, NASA, academia, inudstry (Raytheon, L’Guarde, Boeing, SAIC, Futron and others)

Progress in the Last Year

effort jump started at ISDC 2008
additional work at SFF conference in July
a lot of high-level briefings with NASA, Air Force, and other groups since those conferences

Study Conducted – Key Findings

1. strategic opportunity for govt. and the prviate sector
2. more technically executable than ever before
3. requires a cooperated national program with high level leadership and resourcing….at least on level of fusion energy or ISS
4. broad interest outside of U.S. govt. in the aerospace and energy sectors
5. support in other nations – Japan, EU, Canada, China, India, Russia and China


some countries may be ahead of us on some of these systems
if the U.S. does not tackle SSP, it’s very likely that some other country will and we will end up behind them….

Recommendations From Study

government should help to develop and research and analyze unknowns
retire major portion of technical risks
create a policy regulatory and legal environment
early demonistrator/adopter/customer of SSP
serve to incentivize development

3 Stage Process Proposed

power beaming transmission on Earth
take the experiment up into space (ISS based)
out of LEO and into GEO with demonstrator

10 years 10 megawatts $10 million

SBSP ISS Demonstration Plan

goal: demonstrate that it is safe, scalable, meets cost and schedule constraints

portion of the ISS is demonstrated as a national laboratory….
NASA where wants ROI on ISS – this would be a way to achieve that goal

Current Status

ISS demonistration work put on hold because of a lack of resources and uncertainties over future flight schedules and manifesting priorities

Good news: ISS payload is not shuttle dependent, can be launched on cargo ship