Space Investment Summit 6: Financial Issues

Financial Issues in the Synergy of Space & Hospitality/Tourism/Entertainment


Amaresh Kollipara: co-founder and managing partner, Earth2Orbit LLC

Michael Leventhal: attorney and founder, MC Squared

Barry Bloom: founding principal, Abacus Lodging Investors LLC


Space is not a destination, it is an enabler for businesses to expand their existing verticals. Panelists believe that the interest from the hospitality industry will be huge once space tourism gets going.




Future space tourism will likely be a week-long experience of training and preparation. It could fit in very well at large resorts and spas where a space traveler could train while enjoying a vacation experience.


Virgin Galactic is at the forefront of this effort. Millionauts will go through a week-long experience at a five-star hotel with luxury services, training, flight simulations and more.


The diving industry is a potential analog for space tourism training. It is very similar in terms of preparation, risks, etc. The diving industry is spread out all over the world. The space tourism training industry could become similar, where travelers could get certified.


Hotel chains are no longer involved much in real estate aspects of the hospitality industry. They operate hotels, but the actual investors are banks, insurance companies, REITs and other investment groups. They will be the ones to provide funding for space tourism ventures.