ISS Crew Set to Double in Size This Week

International Space Station
International Space Station

Space station crew to increase
Florida Today

The crew of the International Space Station will double in size this week, a long-awaited milestone that will triple the amount of scientific research that can be done on the $100 billion orbiting outpost.

On Wednesday, a Soyuz spacecraft carrying a Russian, a Belgian and a Canadian is scheduled to launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and then dock at the station Friday — eight years, six months and 29 days after an inaugural crew of three opened the outpost for business.

They’ll join a Russian, an American and an astronaut from Japan, forming the first full six-person crew to live and work aboard the complex, which is as large as an American football field.

“We’ve been looking forward to getting to this increment for a long, long time,” said Dan Hartman, NASA’s manager for station integration and operations.

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