Talis Enterprise Signs Dev Deal with SPL, Malaysian Space Tourism Group

From the Talis Enterprise website comes news of a joint development agreement between the Germany space tourism company, the Swiss Propulsion Laboratory (SPL), and Space Tourism Society, Malaysian Chapter (STSMC).

According to the press release:

A goal is it to develop space travel systems for research institutes or for space tourism operators. The alliance unites specialized knowledge of many years and versatile as well as networks more near.

The declaration of intent was signed in Langenthal by Hans Ulrich Ammann, manager of the SPL; Peer Gehrmann, manager of the Talis Enterprise GmbH; Norul Ridzuan, STSMC president, and STSMC Director Jalal Abu.

The rest of the press release follows:

This puts the foundation-stone for the future co-operation of the three organizations. A goal is to be developed above all rocket-powered missiles – unmanned and manned – for research or for tourism purposes. The orders are realized in the framework by projects, as for example the well-known space tourism project “Enterprise” (www.talis-enterprise.com).

The Swiss SPL supplies in each case the rocket engines and pertinent components. The Langenthal laboratory, created in 1998, draws upon experiences within the range of liquid engines and on developed test stand.

The German Talis Enterprise GmbH, launched space tourism project “Enterprise” in 2004. In this connection special specialized knowledge was acquired in flight path, simulation and aerodynamics range. Talis Enterprise GmbH also cooperates with competent partners, such as the airplane manufacturer XtremeAir, Vega Group and various German universities.

Created in 1998, the Space Tourism Society, Malaysian Chapter (STS-MC) maintains intensive contacts with policy, universities and research enterprises in Malaysia and abroad. It contributes substantially to the advancement of specialized aerospace knowledge in Malaysia.

A meeting will take place at the end of May with deputy minister of research and technology. The development of a flight simulator and a rocket test airplane for scientific purposes is to be discussed. And projects which can be realized within the alliance.