Report: Russia’s Angara Rocket Needs More Money

Russia’s Angara rocket family needs cash injection
Flight International

Fourteen years after the start of development, Russia’s Angara rocket needs a cash injection of billions more roubles to deliver the planned 2011 first flights of its 1.2 and A5 versions.

Vladimir Nesterov, director general of Angara’s prime contractor Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, told Flight International: “When Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin toured [our company] on 18 April, [we] came forward with a request for additional funding in 2009-11 to complete the Angara complex. The figure of Rb10 billion [$302 million] was mentioned.”

Nesterov declines to give any figures on how much the Angara family has so far cost and how much more it is likely to cost before its first flights, but the company says there are no “big technical, organisational or production” issues to push back the flight dates.

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