Mojave Now Center of New Space Race

Mojave: Where the Old Frontier Meets the Space Frontier
San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Arriving at the Mojave Air & Space Port, a quick scan of the ramshackle blue buildings and hangars left over from a World War II Marine Corps air station raises the question: This is the heart of the industry that will put regular folks into space?

The environs of Mojave, with its acre after empty acre, suits those working out of the old wooden hangars and aluminum buildings. They put up with the deprivations of a distant desert town in exchange for solitude, mostly unrestricted airspace and cheap rent.

Mojave is where the old frontier of railroad and mining activities meets the new frontier of space. The structures are beaten up and weather worn but the activity inside sets the imagination soaring.

“Inside The New Area 51” declared a Popular Mechanics cover story from last summer that dubbed Mojave “a hotbed of rebel aerospace.”

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