California Accounts for 21% of Global Space Market


A study released today by the California Space Authority (CSA) shows California leading the nation and world in contributions to the economy. California accounts for 44 percent of the U.S. space market, and 21 percent of the global market, contributing more than $76 billion in total economic impact and more than 370,000 jobs.

“California’s space enterprise has a greater impact on state revenue and jobs than any other industry, including entertainment, tourism and agriculture,” stated Hon. Andrea Seastrand, Executive Director of CSA, and former member of Congress from the state of California.

“While many think of space enterprise as rocket scientists and defense contractors, applications from space-based technologies are widely used throughout many other industries. Environmental studies, crop infestation, water use monitoring and oceanic observation all rely on space capabilities. Space enterprise is an enabler that stimulates entrepreneurial investment, innovation and the economy.”

Space Enterprise Economic Impact Report was prepared by A.T. KEARNEY, a strategic planning and global management firm, from extensive interviews with decision makers from state and federal government, DoD, NASA, large and small contractors and suppliers, as well as findings from more than 20 databases.

In summary, the report finds:

  • A strong partnership with U.S. military and civil space programs is the bedrock of the California Space Enterprise
  • California gets $9.8B, the majority share of the total $18.5B DoD space budget
  • Space Enterprise contributes $31B in revenue to the state economy
  • Space Enterprise creates 71,000 direct jobs; 300,000 induced jobs; $19B in wages
  • California has 34 percent of the dominant global share of satellite manufacturing
  • California has 26 percent of the $67B global Satellite Services market and is well positioned to benefit from huge growth potential
  • Engineering and research programs of California’s public and private universities work with NASA, DARPA, DoD and other government agencies to position California as a research and development powerhouse
  • Space enterprise in California fosters innovation, transfers technology to the commercial arena and generates new consumer products which drive the development of small business and jobs

“California is home to three of the nation’s ten NASA centers, more than any other state,” stated Representative Ken Calvert (R-CA). “At a time when California’s economic future relies increasingly on scientific and engineering expertise, these centers provide critically important knowledge, experience and innovation found nowhere else. They serve as a magnet for some of the best scientific minds in the nation.”

The report concluded that California’s success is attributed to a unique eco-system where a strong consumer and manufacturer/supplier base is supported by academic/R&D assets and a highly skilled workforce.

“Growing more space enterprise engineers and technicians are integral to re-establishing a thriving economy,” concluded Mrs. Seastrand. “We are an excellent model for the nation.”