SpaceX Falcon 1 Launch Delayed 6 Weeks

SpaceX is looking at about a six-week delay on the launch of its next Falcon 1 rocket, The New Straits Times reports:

The launch of the RazakSAT, Malaysia’s second remote sensing satellite has been postponed until further notice due to “technical problems”.

Due for lift-off on April 21, Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry secretary-general Datuk Abdul Hanan Alang Endut said the delay was because of problems with the launching vehicle.

Abdul Hanan said SpaceX will be doing the repairs which will take at least six weeks.

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  • g.r.r.

    Bummer. I was hoping that this launch would occur with ZERO issues. Personally, I am guessing that NASA wants to see Falcon I have no more issues and Falcon 9 to work successfully before giving COTS-D

  • Nickolai_the_Russian_Guy

    I used to be really all for SpaceX and Elon Musk, but while I still hope he suceeds, I beginning to doubt whether or not he can. God help him if there’s an issue with the maiden flight of F9.

    @g.r.r. NASA isn’t waiting for success to exercise COTS-D, not per se anyway. It’s not really they launcher systems they’re worried about, since they’ve already signed a contract using those, but SpaceX’s capability to meet the required safety factors for human spaceflight. Even assuming they have perfect success, I don’t think NASA would seriously consider giving them the money for COTS-D until they can demonstrate successful docking. By the time that comes around, it would take them so long to develop the extra safety features that Orion might already be flying, making Dragon redundant.

    Still, it might be a good option if NASA decides to use Orion exclusively for Lunar.