Space Florida, Cal Space to Lobby Feds on ITAR, FAA Regs


Space Florida will join California Space Authority (CSA) officials next week in Washington D.C. to spend four days meeting with federal officials regarding vital space policy issues.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • sustaining America’s leadership in space
  • addressing export control restrictions
  • space commercialization issues and FAA licensing processes
  • the utilization of the International Space Station (ISS) National Laboratory.

Currently, a majority of NASA research destined for the ISS is processed through the Space Florida-owned Space Life Sciences Laboratory (SLSL) at Kennedy Space Center.

“This is the second year we will join forces with our coalition partners like the California Space Authority to address space issues on a federal level,” noted Space Florida President Steve Kohler. “Our united work is vital to ensuring the U.S. develops competitively in the global space marketplace.”

Space Florida and CSA will participate in private meetings with key executive branch officials from the White House, Department of State, NASA, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, and the Department of Commerce. Florida and California will also use this opportunity to update their respective Congressional Delegations on state priorities. Space Florida President Steve Kohler will provide opening remarks in conjunction with CSA Executive Director Andrea Seastrand on April 21.

“Engaging in these discussions reiterates the importance of addressing ITAR restrictions on commercial satellite providers and separately, the importance of optimizing utilization of the ISS National Laboratory – both key strategic goals for Florida,” added Kohler.

Sponsors of this year’s California Space Week event in Washington D.C. include Space X, Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Aerojet, AIAA, Stellar Solutions, United Paradyne Corporation, and Sea Space Corporation.

The California Space Authority is a member-driven organization that was created to create, retain and grow California’s space enterprise.