Potter: Mir Project Destroyed NASA’s Astro Myth

Launching the dream of civilian space travel
The Daily Breeze

The story is the topic of [Michael] Potter’s documentary, “Orphans of Apollo: The Battle of the Mir & the New Space Revolution,” which is making the film festival circuit.

“It’s not a techie story,” said Potter. “Some people have described it as more like a story of a rock band getting on a plane. It’s not really a space nerd story. It’s more of a band-of-brothers kind of story.”

It is a story about a specific group of men with the right attitude and the means by which to attempt an impossible dream without government input.

But the film also raises questions about populating space for commercial reasons and what it means to turn a government establishment over to private enterprise.

“One of the things that made NASA nervous was that they built it up all these years, and now you can get an out-of-shape civilian as a space explorer,” explained Potter. “It’s harder for them to raise money if all of a sudden some guy says, `Hey, I’m going to spend $20 million and I’m going to go to space. It destroys the myth.”

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