Space Studies Institute Heads West, Plans Renewed Effort

The Space Studies Institute – a pioneering group in space settlement – has moved from its long-term base in Princeton, NJ to the new hotbed of commercial space activities, Mojave, Calif. SSI Executive Vice President Lee Valentine told attendees at Space Access ’09 that SSI plans a renewed effort in several areas after going through some tough times.

Valentine said that SSI is involved in several initiatives, including a solar sail project that it is developing with Carnegie Mellon University and an effort to find asteroids that could be mined for valuable materials. The use of extraterrestrial resources in space settlement has been an area that has received very little attention in recent years, he said.

SSI also is planning a conference for some time next spring. The institute used to hold annual conferences in Princeton.

Valentine said SSI has been through a rough period lately, with the resignation of several key officials and the death of another. He expressed optimism that the non-profit group was recovering from these problems.