Lunar Regolith Challenge Draft Rules Posted

Draft rules for the Lunar Regolith Challenge have been posted. Details are available on California Space Authority blog:

This document was prepared with input from NASA ISRU stakeholders, past competitors and other stakeholders.  Among our goals is to make the rules as “user friendly” as possible, meaning that we hope they are easy to understand, clearly define the goal of the competition, and only push meaningful requirements to the teams so that the solution space is as large as possible while still driving solutions that are useful to NASA.

While one the strongest recommendations from past competitors has been to make as few changes to the rules as possible, we have made some updates in order to make the rules more relevant to new NASA ISRU requirements.  Most of the elements of the competition will be familiar to those who followed the competition in 2008.

The most significant difference between this rule set and the one for 2008 is that we have opened the solution space to telerobotic operations….

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