Ah Hoot, If You Had Only Landed a Plane in the Hudson….

An interesting story on the Air & Space website about former space shuttle pilot Robert “Hoot” Gibson – who has flown four shuttle missions and a total of 111 types of aircraft. In spite of all that, it seems he can’t get a job flying tourists on short jaunts into space:

Gibson additionally hopes to add an entirely new category to his résumé: tourist spaceplanes. “I made a couple overtures to Alex Tai of Virgin Galactic saying I wanted to fly with them,” he says, “but Will Whiteside informed me that their own pilots—Virgin Airlines pilots—will be doing the flying.”

Hey, I know the job market is tough, but jeez….pretty high standards. Plus, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson offered a job to US Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger – whose main claim to fame was crash landing his crippled jet in the Hudson River. (No reflection on Sully, who’s made out pretty well with a $3 million book deal. But, Hoot’s was a space shuttle commander, for frak’sake!)

Oh, he also seems to have mixed up Virgin President Will Whitehorn with George Whitesides – who worked for the space tourism company before taking a high-level gig at NASA HQ.

See the full list of the 111 vehicles that Hoot has flown in his career.