Tom Jones Urges Obama to Give NASA a Course Correction

Astronaut Tom Jones published an open letter to the new president in Popular Mechanics urging him to give NASA a clear direction in the years ahead. His recommendations include:

  • Retire the Space Shuttle by 2010
  • Use the International Space Station
  • Send Explorers Beyond the ISS—Soon
  • Reaffirm America’s Place in Space
  • Unleash the Commercial Space Industry
  • Inspire the Next Generation of Space Explorers

“En route to the moon forty years ago, Apollo 11’s astronauts executed a course correction maneuver, an 8-mph rocket burn that fine-tuned their aim,” Jones writes. “You gave NASA a course correction with the 2010 budget plan. The $19.2 billion NASA budget (just half a percent of federal spending) may seem trivial amid the trillions spent to boost the economy, but such decisions will make or break America’s status as the world leader in space.”

Read the full letter.